At Maplin, we take on the most complex and demanding consultation, project management, engineering and construction services challenges in the industry. We shape our people in Maplin World, a culture built on creativity, technology, innovation, teamwork and true global thinking. We offer specially designed but immense training, support and opportunities to enable you to use your talents in the Maplin way, where you feel the flexibility, responsibility and freedom which you never thought possible. Every person entering Maplin is committed to deliver the best possible performance, anytime and anywhere. It is challenging and needs true dedication.

Maplin is unique in rewarding its employees. We promote and reward people based on performance, responsibility and creativity. You will be surrounded by exceptional industrial leaders and have access to technologies that most people only read about.

Maplin recruitment progress is rigorous and training is extensive. We hire innovative, intelligent and responsible people and re-shape them in Maplin World. We always look for people with vision to join us and help to carry our business forward.

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