Due to the role of humans in industrial processes, it is inevitable that industrial accidents occur as a result of human error. A complete understanding of human interaction in an industrial system allows our clients to minimise risk to their people, assets and environment as well as optimising outcome and reliability. Human Factors Engineering solutions provides our Clients with absolute assurance and confidence by keeping all-round safety a priority.

This service helps our Clients in several ways, as the following demonstrates:

·    Critical Task Inventory & Review – Identifies the human tasks that are either safe to carry out or could lead to a major risk.

·    Valve Critical Analysis – Ensures appropriate access is given to valves based on prioritisation of valves.

·    Human Factor Assessment for Skid Package Units – Keeps risks related to health, safety and human reliability in operations, maintenance and skid packages low.

·    HFE Plan for Construction – Lays out the activities that need to take place during the construction process in order for the plant/facility to maintain the objective of the HFE design. This is done through training, defining roles and responsibility and quality control processes.

·    Control Room (CR) Ergonomics & 3D Layout Design – Consulting solutions in this sector include:

·    Advice on manning levels and job roles for Control Room Ergonomics

·    Establishing task levels and functional requirements of the areas within the CR

·    Evaluating the layout of CR

·    Reviewing layout of the consoles

·    Analysing proposed furniture and furnishing within the CR

·    Reviewing the design philosophy of the main control system

·    Assess the decency of communications interfaces

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