For all engineering design projects, it is necessary to have a technical review workshop. This is to highlight and assess all significant issues that may have been disregarded or overlooked, ensuring all risks are known which then could be prevented or mitigated.

Our dedicated team of consultants could review and chair these sessions, with correct knowledge surrounding the issues and an in-depth understanding of the entire process in general. 

Studies and workshops we facilitate include:

·    Best Available Techniques (BAT)

·    Hazard Identification (HAZID)

·    Bowtie Workshop

·    Hazard and Operability (HAZOP)

·    Electrical System Safety and Operability Review (eHAZOP / SAFOP)

·    Safety Integrity Level (SIL Assessments)

·    Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA)

·    Environmental Identification (ENVID Workshop)

·    Failure Modes Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA)

·    Offshore Activities Risks Assessment Review

·    Reliability Operability Maintenance (ROM)

·    Reliability, Availability & Maintainability Study (RAM)


In addition, specialist studies include:

·    Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA)

·    Physical Effect Modelling (PEM)

·    Noise & Vibration Assessment Study

·    Flare Radiation & Dispersion Study with optional 3D Modelling

·    Fire and Gas Mapping

·    Escape Route Evaluation, Evacuation and Rescue Assessment (EERA)

·    Passive Fire Protection Study

·    CFD Modelling


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