Risk Based Inspection (RBI) allows our clients to make informed business decisions based on inspection and maintenance expenditure. Our RBI defines:

·    The equipment that requires inspection

·    The optimal periodicity of inspections

·    The correct techniques used to identify defects likely to develop

The RBI process is based on:

·    Data Collection

·    Risk Assessment

·    Risk Ranking

·    Inspection Plan

·    Mitigation

·    Reassessment

Implementing RBI is crucial as it:

·    Measures and understands risks in current inspection programs

·    Allows shifting of resources from lower to higher risk equipment

·    Increases cost effectiveness of inspection and maintenance resources

·    Monitors risk reduction as a result of implementing inspection services

·    Incorporates historical data to aid the maintenance planning process for future installations

·    Allows management to review safety in an integrated, cost effective manner

·    Extending asset life by increasing reliability of equipment and operation.

·    Selects cost effective inspection programs without compromising safety, minimising loss of production


Maplin has capabilities to implement RBI programs in the Oil & Gas industry. Using our experience in Asset Integrity Management and industry software, we provide our clients specific solutions to maximise values. We have applied RBI principles, for instance, RBI Studies and Corrosion Risk Assessments, to offshore and Onshore installations.

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