For every organisation, the Health, Safety and Environmental risk Management System (HSE MS) is a vital component in order to manage and control major issues and risks regarding HSE and is a requirement for the industry standards.

This function is used to strategically identify Health, Safety and Environmental risks, plan methods to control these risks and improve the organisations by modifying procedures, training, audits and processes to later prevent these risks, allowing companies to reach their objectives without any further trouble.

Maplin’s consultancy sector provides advisory services in HSE Management System development and compliance. This enables our Clients to handle such issues on projects, concerning facilities and operations. We equip our clients with formal and updated documentation showcasing the arrangements that need to be made to ensure effective HSE management for every facility.

Our HSE Management System development and compliance services include:

·    Offshore HSE/Safety Case Development

·    HSE/Safety Case Updates/ Revisions and Bridging Documents

·    HSE Management System Audits and Reviews

·    Hazard and Risk Register Preparation

·    Emergency Response Plane (ERP)

·    Onshore and Offshore Facilities Surveys and Audits

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