As the need to enhance the commercial viability of complex industrial projects is increasing, the requirement to optimise capital expenditures on process improvements has become of increasing importance. CFD forms a fully integrated package of services that provides insight into industrial processes and operations, allowing businesses to excel by making the best decisions.

Computational Fluid Dynamics is an essential design instrument that solves complex 3D problems encountered by the Oil & Gas industry, concerning physical processes such as, fluid dynamics, multiphase flow, conjugate heat transfer, combustion and radiation. In these sectors, CFD packages provide accurate design solutions.

CFD application offered by Maplin include:

·    Rigorous consequence simulations of major accident hazards, flare, controlled venting and exhaust.

·    Flow assurance studies

·    Process analysis for troubleshooting and design verification

Technical Safety CFD Capabilities:

·    Natural/forced ventilation

·    Toxic/flammable gas dispersion

·    Vapour/dust cloud explosion exceedance analysis

·    Hot plume exhaust and cold vent

·    Helideck environment

·    Hydrocarbon fires and smoke propagation

·    Flare radiation

·    Subsea plume dispersion

·    Process CFD Capabilities:

·    Water hammer effects and heat exchanger burst tubes

·    Flow-induced vibration

·    Minimum metal design temperature

·    Optimisation of internal flow units

·    Flow Assurance CFD Capabilities:

·    Erosion/corrosion

·    Sane accumulation

·    Multiphase pipe flow

·    Cooldown and hydrate/wax formation

·    Sloshing

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