With full understanding of an assets functional requirements, performance standards and conditions of use, RCM assessments recognise cost effective maintenance strategies. This ensures that clients achieve required levels of safety and in-service availability at a reduces cost.

At Maplin our consultants will provide the application of RCM methodology by delivering the following:

·    Derivation of functional definitions and performance standards

·    Analysis of sourced data to identify trend and failure characteristics

·    Failure Modes Effects and Critical Analysis (FMECA)

Derivation of cost effective maintenance strategies can be achieved using:

·    On condition maintenance

·    On failure maintenance

·    Schedules overhaul/replacement

·    Fault finding

·    Re-design where appropriate and cost effective

·    Preparation of maintenance documentation

Derivations of maintenance strategies, using RCM techniques offers:

·    Client specific maintenance strategies

·    Optimisation of maintenance resources

·    Efficient use of maintenance resources

·    A clear audit trail and demonstration of compliance with safety case or other requirements regarding the in-service availability of critical equipment

Finally, our consultants provide:

·    Reliability Centred Maintenance studies

·    Maintenance optimisation

·    Root Cause Analysis

·    Failure Modes Effect and Criticality Analysis (FMECA)

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