Maplin provides services that assures engineering systems provide adequate levels of safety where if failure were to happen, other areas are not affected. We provide our Clients with a cost-effective way to maintain the safety of projects throughout the lifecycle and reduce the impact of any change that may occur.  

We use various safety studies to identify process or non-process hazards, analyse their consequence and take action for the risks associated with the amenities or operations.

Safety Studies we provide include:

·    Blast and Overpressure Analysis

·    Building/Plant/ Platform Design/Layout Review and Optimisation

·    Depressurisation System Design

·    Dropped Object and Material Handling Study

·    Emergency Systems Survivability Assessment

·    Escape, Evacuation and Rescue Analysis

·    Exhaust Vent Study

·    Flare and System Design

·    Fire and Explosion Hazards Analysis

·    Firewater Demand and Hydraulic Analysis

·    Fire Safety Engineering Europe, UK and Middle East

·    Gas Dispersion and Smoke Ingress Analysis

·    Hazardous Area Classification

·    Machinery Safety Engineering

·    Non-Hydrocarbon Hazards Analysis

·    Safety Equipment Specification

·    Ship/Helicopter Collision and Structural Analysis

·    Temporary Refuge Integrity Analysis

·    Topsides/Riser/Subsea/Ship Safety Analysis

·    Transportation Risk Assessment

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