RAM analysis is key to develop optimised production solutions which reduces the impact on revenue and expenditure. This can be incorporated in different stages of a project, as is shown below:

Conceptual – RAM simulations are used to provide and compare alternative design options by manifesting the likely production of each option. This does not only control project costs but also keep it on schedule after a design change takes place.

Front End Engineering Design – RAM reviews provide solutions, identifying optimised plant configurations with the goal of keeping costs low. RAM studies allow for the predicting of production performance and provide input to:

·    Equipment Selection

·    System Configuration

·    Maintenance and Sparing Philosophies

·    Power Load Requirements

·    Pipeline Sizing

·    Third Party Contractual Agreements

Detail Engineering – Establishes minimum performance parameters or equipment and packages that are sourced from specialist vendors. This assessment can then be used in the procurement process.

Operations – RAM identifies unreliable facilities and diagnoses the root cause of failing equipment and systems.

Our RAM Consultants provide:

·    Availability Studies

·    CAPEX and OPEX Economic calculations

·    De-bottlenecking and Performance Improvement Studies

·    Logistics and Transportation using “real time” simulation modelling

·    Markov State Modelling

·    Spare Parts Optimisation

·    System Performance Evaluations

·    Whole Life Cycle Costing

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