Maplin Engineering details COVID-19 response:

Maplin Engineering laid out actions it is taking in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing market disruption. It also provided an update on factors expected to affect its first quarter of Fiscal Year 2020/21.

Chairman Najam Ul Arifeen said:

“The world is in a war against unknown enemy COVID-19 and I want to thank all the people who are playing key role to fight it. The nurses and doctors, the first responders and the police. Businesses ensuring food supplies and making deliveries. The people who we don’t notice much, like those behind the technologies to keep us connected with our loved ones and with our work colleagues. Many are giving their time and risking their own well-being so that we can stay safe. We are indebted to them, and I want to pay tribute to the sacrifices they are making for our good”.

At Maplin we are working in our own way across the Maplin World, acting with clear objectives i.e. protecting our people, supporting the communities where we live and work, and strengthening our finances for global economic crisis which could certainly happen!

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